Coastal Cancer Center Named “Best Medical Office” for 2014!

Coastal Cancer Center named “Best Medical Office” for 2014!

Coastal Cancer Center would like to take a moment and thank those of you who voted them “Best Medical Office” with the “Best of the Beach” annual voting contest.

For over 30 years, Coastal Cancer Center has delivered quality cancer care to the community. They value their patients and caregivers and will continue to provide them with caring, compassionate, and committed cancer care.

The 2014 Best of the Beach contest is an annual contest in which locals and visitors have a chance to vote for their top picks along the Grand Strand. Categories include medical, home services, retail, attractions, golf, local music scene and favorite hangouts just to name a few.

Thank you again for this prestigious award!

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Coastal Cancer Center has been voted the best cancer center in the Myrtle Beach Herald Reader's Choice Awards for 2019. We have held that spot since 2014! Thanks to all of our patients who voted.