Dr. Emily Touloukian Highlights Hazards of Smoking on WPDE News Channel 15

Dr. Emily Touloukian is weighing in on the hazards of smoking on WPDE News Channel 15, as January marks the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health.

Dr. Touloukian’s interview with reporter Joel Allen aired on WPDE News Channel 15 as part of its evening broadcast on January 17.  To watch his story, click here.

While much progress has been made in the fight against smoking, members of the local medical community acknowledge that more effort must be made to stop the dangerous habit from spreading. Dr. Touloukian notes awareness starts with knowing the consequences.

“We know that smoking can increase your risk of heart disease, of stroke and of lung disease. It also contributes to the risk of several cancers, including lung cancer, but also bladder cancer, cancers of the mouth and throat,” Dr. Touloukian said.

Locally, the Centers for Disease Control reveal Horry County’s smoking rate is higher than the state or national average. Horry County also has one of the highest teen smoking rates in the state, according to officials.

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