Tips for Traveling With Cancer

Tips for Traveling With Cancer provides the below recommendations for traveling with cancer.

“Throughout your experience with cancer you will have reason to travel, perhaps for treatment itself, and probably for work and pleasure too. The good news is that many cancer patients are able to travel comfortably and safely as long as they take proper precautions and use common sense. Here are the top three issues to consider (with your doctor’s input) when contemplating taking yourself on the road:

  1. Choose your destination wisely. Avoid places where you will not have access to good medical care. In some countries, it will be hard — if not impossible — to receive proper care should you need it, and the chances of infection may be greater.
  2. Your travel experience will be much more pleasant if you choose a savvy, supportive, experienced travel companion, preferably one who knows you and your destination well and will be able to help you should you require assistance.
  3. Know and respect your body’s limits. Cancer and cancer treatment may make you tired, weak, nauseated and less able to pack activities into every moment of a day. Don’t over-schedule.

Traveling with cancer will require some basic steps to ensure your comfort and safety. Following is some advice for what to do before, during and after your trip:





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