At Coastal Cancer Center, our mission is to personalize your treatment plan to meet your individual needs. We understand the challenges involved and are committed to doing all we can to help you and your family navigate the process. Because of our commitment to provide quality care that is close to home, we offer services at all locations.

Patient Portal

In an effort to streamline your care, we invite you to access your information such as appointments, visit notes, vital signs, educational materials and much more through our secure, online patient portal. If you elect to sign up for the portal, you will also receive email reminders with the dates and times of your upcoming Coastal Cancer Center appointments. Because we are committed to having you actively involved in your care, we are constantly working on new features for the portal. At any time, if you have any difficulties logging in or using the portal, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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Nurse Navigator

The nurse navigator is a caring, experienced Oncology Certified RN who will assist current patients with questions about their medical condition. When calling, please provide the nurse navigator with detailed information regarding your request. The nurse navigator will assess your needs, provide instructions on how to treat or monitor a problem, and advise you on when you should seek immediate medical attention. The nurse navigator will discuss everything with the patient’s physician to coordinate your care.

If your matter is urgent, please tell our telephone operator when you call so that this information can be relayed to the nurse navigator. Calls of an urgent nature are given priority. All calls to the nurse navigator are returned the same business day.

We ask that you carefully monitor your prescription refill needs and ask for enough refills at your current visit to last you until your next office visit or treatment. Should you need any refills prior to your next scheduled appointment, please have your pharmacy information available when you call the nurse navigator.

Our nurse navigator is available during normal business hours.We ask that you contact the nurse navigator at the location where you are normally seen by your physician.

Onsite Infusion Centers

Chemotherapy is treatment that uses specific medications to kill cancer cells. Treatments can consist of using a single chemotherapy drug or a combination of drugs administered in cycles. Your physician will discuss treatment options and decide which treatment method is best for you. Your medications will be administered by one of our caring and experienced Oncology Certified RN’s in one of our comfortable infusion centers. Our nurses are trained to answer your questions and guide you through the process (some patients find it helpful to write down their questions prior to the appointment).

Our goal is to make each visit to our facility as comfortable as possible. We provide warm blankets and a pillow to our patients or, if you prefer, you are welcome to bring these personal items from home. Our treatment area has vending machines that contain drinks and snacks.

Because we recognize that support and encouragement are essential to your care, we encourage you to bring someone with you. We ask that you limit the number to one to allow other patients the same courtesy. Due to chemotherapy being administered, children are not permitted in the treatment area.



Coastal Cancer Center has an on-site pharmacy in our Myrtle Beach office, providing prescription services to make our patients’ lives easier and more convenient. Our pharmacist fills prescriptions related to treatment, provides counseling on medications and arranges billing to insurance companies.

Our pharmacist is in direct communication with the prescribing providers at Coastal Cancer Center and has access to patient records in order to provide faster service and optimal patient care.

We specialize in chemotherapy drugs that patients need and other supportive medications that make treatment more tolerable and effective.



Diagnostic Imaging

One of the ways your physician and care team will work to individualize your treatment plan is through the use of diagnostic imaging. By using PET/CT, conventional CT, X-rays, bone scans, bone marrow tests and bone density testing, we are able to obtain a complete picture of your individual situation.

Having the ability to perform this type of testing onsite allows us to more readily track your progress throughout your course of treatment.

Laboratory Services

All of our lab technicians are highly skilled professionals. Each of our locations offers complete blood counts (CBCs) on site which allows your physician and care team to see results immediately and make treatment decisions based on the most current clinical data. Our laboratory offers the most advanced chemistry testing, tumor markers, and iron tests currently available. These are performed daily in our Myrtle Beach location by certified Medical Laboratory Technicians.


Symptom Management

The side effects of cancer treatment can vary depending on the chemotherapy regimen received and can vary from patient to patient. At Coastal Cancer Center, we have an excellent nursing team. Our nurses are a great source of information regarding cancer care and can answer questions that may arise during or after treatment. We are here to help.

Managing your cancer pain is important to us. Please talk with your care team if your cancer pain is not being controlled. Be aware that some narcotic prescriptions, by law, cannot be called into the pharmacy. Prescriptions that meet this requirement must be picked up at our office, in person, where you will be required to present your government issued photo identification.


At Coastal Cancer Center, we take blood disorders seriously and are committed to helping our patients who have these diagnoses and require medical care. We provide a broad range of laboratory tests to help establish diagnosis, as well as determine treatment options. Our providers are specifically trained to use the most up to date methods available to care for a variety of blood disorders. Your provider will offer education regarding your diagnosis and any planned treatments.


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