Look Good Feel Better Workshops

The team at Coastal Cancer Center is proud to offer Look Good Feel Better workshops to its patients. The Look Good Feel Better initiative helps Coastal Cancer Center patients feel beautiful while undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or other forms of treatment. Look Good Feel Better is a non-medical, public service program that teaches beauty techniques to cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. The program includes skin and nail care lessons and helps with applying cosmetics, wigs, turbans, accessories, and styling.

At Coastal Cancer Center, we offer the Look Good Feel Better workshops at our centers and aim to empower our patients to look their best when they are going through changes in this season of life. Our goal is to help our patients find some normalcy during a period that is by no means normal. We will offer multiple workshops in person throughout the year for cancer patients to enjoy. Online workshops can be accessed at multiple dates and times. Click the link to find a time that works for you! https://lookgoodfeelbetter.org/virtual-workshops/

 Coastal Cancer Center has four set dates for in-person workshops. Join us at our Conway Center on March 20th and October 2nd from 12 pm until 2 pm. Our Myrtle Beach center will host in-person workshops on April 17th and October 30th from 12 pm until 2 pm. Make sure to RSVP online using the following link: https://lookgoodfeelbetter.org/programs/program-finder/. We look forward to helping our clients feel beautiful with the help of Look Good Feel Better!

Look Good Feel Better workshops