Nurse Navigator

Megan Steljes, FNP-C

The nurse navigator is a caring, experienced Oncology Certified RN who will assist current patients with questions about their medical condition. When calling, please provide the nurse navigator with detailed information regarding your request. The nurse navigator will assess your needs, provide instructions on how to treat or monitor a problem, and advise you on when you should seek immediate medical attention. The nurse navigator will discuss everything with the patient’s physician to coordinate your care.

If your matter is urgent, please tell our telephone operator when you call so that this information can be relayed to the nurse navigator. Calls of an urgent nature are given priority. All calls to the nurse navigator are returned the same business day.

We ask that you carefully monitor your prescription refill needs and ask for enough refills at your current visit to last you until your next office visit or treatment. Should you need any refills prior to your next scheduled appointment, please have your pharmacy information available when you call the nurse navigator.

Our nurse navigator is available during normal business hours. We ask that you contact the nurse navigator at the location where you are normally seen by your physician.