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When you need chemotherapy treatments, you want to get care in a warm and friendly environment you can trust. As the Grand Strand area leader in blood diseases and cancer services, Coastal Cancer Center in Myrtle Beach, Conway, Loris, and Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, offers on-site infusion centers in each of their four convenient locations. To learn more about hematology, oncology, and chemotherapy services, call Coastal Cancer Center to schedule an appointment today.

Chemotherapy Q & A

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a systemic cancer treatment using powerful drugs to kill rapidly growing cells throughout your body. There are numerous chemotherapy drugs used on their own or in conjunction with others to treat several different types of cancer.

Based on your condition, your physician discusses your treatment options and whether chemotherapy is right for you. In most cases, your oncologist administers your chemotherapy treatments intravenously, but some are taken orally, by injection, or as creams or gels applied to the skin to treat some forms of skin cancer.

When you undergo chemotherapy, your treatment occurs in repeating cycles. These cycles vary depending on your type of cancer and the chemotherapy drugs being used.

Why do I need chemotherapy?

Your oncologist might recommend chemotherapy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Your primary treatment for killing cancer cells in your body
  • Shrinking tumors to prepare you for other cancer treatments, like surgery
  • Relieving signs or symptoms of your disease

In addition to treating cancer, your provider might also recommend chemotherapy to control immune system disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, or to prepare your bone marrow for stem cell transplants.

What are the side effects of chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy can cause a variety of side effects, including:

  • Hair loss
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Constipation and loss of appetite
  • Fatigue and fever
  • Mouth sores and easy bruising
  • Pain

Coastal Cancer Center has been helping residents of the Grand Strand area for 36 years, treating blood diseases and cancer to prevent and control the side effects of chemotherapy throughout cancer treatment.

What can I expect during chemotherapy?

Coastal Cancer Center offers comfortable, on-site infusion centers at each of their four locations in Myrtle Beach, Conway, Loris, and Murrells Inlet. Their offices provide a warm and friendly environment with specially trained nurses to answer your questions and guide you through the chemotherapy process.

During your infusion, your provider strives to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. They provide a pillow and warm blankets, though you’re welcome to bring these types of personal items from home if you prefer.

The experienced team also understands the importance of encouragement and support during chemotherapy. They recommend bringing someone with you but limit the number of guests to one, so everyone at the infusion center can have a similar and positive experience. Because chemotherapy drugs are powerful, children aren’t allowed in the treatment area.

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